PHOTOS, VIDEOS: The Complete Guide to the DuckTales World Showcase Adventure at EPCOT

DuckTales World Showcase Adventure has officially debuted at EPCOT, replacing Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, which closed in 2020. We have full video guides to each of the eight “adven-shares” available to guests across World Showcase, including the illustrious finale for completing the seven country adventures! Each adventure includes a handful of missions, which are randomly assigned so each game is a little different, and the country adventures can be completed in any order.


Scrooge with sombrero laser in DuckTales World Showcase Adventure

During the Lavapalooza Food Fest, we’re joining Uncle Scrooge to recover the Lava Idol of Puerta Toucani!


DuckTales World Showcase Adventure Norway 44

The goddess Hecka is after the ancient Norse Sword of Heckfire, and through many journeys around The Fjording, it’s our job to save the sword and make sure the boys get it instead. The work of a DuckTales World Showcase Adventure sleuth is never done.


ducktales china featured

In China, we’re tasked with finding the Jade Monkey of Swanshi!


DuckTales World Showcase Adventure game Germany 32

Uh-oh, Uncle Donald’s caught in a time loop and it’s up to us to save him with the Enchanted Timepiece of Gooseldorf!


DuckTales World Showcase Adventure robo webby japan

The Land of the Rising Sun tasks us with finding the Illustrated Scroll of Quackagawa.


DuckTales World Showcase Adventure France 25

Someone’s out to steal Uncle Scrooge’s precious Faber-Jay Egg of King Louis XIV½, we’ve got to work together to stop them!

United Kingdom

DuckTales World Showcase Adventure UK 17 1

This time, Uncle Scrooge needs some extra help winning a golf game against Flintheart Glomgold, so we’re out looking for the Magic Mulligan of Moorshire!


ducktales world showcase adventure finale 9973

Magica De Spell interrupts the family’s celebration with a dastardly plot to turn all the ducks into artifacts! We have to get help from an unexpected ally to save the day.

Let us know in the comments about your experience with the DuckTales World Showcase Adventure when you get a chance to play!

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