New Vault Collection Retro Mickey Mouse Tee at Walt Disney World

A new tee featuring a vintage photo of Mickey Mouse and Cinderella Castle has joined the 50th anniversary Vault Collection available at Walt Disney World.

Retro Mickey Mouse Tee – $36.99

mickey retro tee 6684

The tee features Mickey as he appeared at Magic Kingdom in the 1970s and ’80s, wearing red pants, a white waistcoat, a yellow bowtie, and a black tailcoat. The photo takes up the entire shirt, including the sleeves.

mickey retro tee 6685
mickey retro tee 6686

Behind Mickey is Cinderella Castle, white and blue as it appeared for its first 50 years before it was reimagined in 2020.

mickey retro tee 6687
mickey retro tee 6688
mickey retro tee 6689

A blue sky is in the background, making the shirt predominantly blue.

mickey retro tee 6690
mickey retro tee 6691

The same photo is repeated on the back.

mickey retro tee 6692

This tee is available at the Main Street Cinema in Magic Kingdom.

Will you be wearing this retro Mickey Mouse tee for the “grand finale” of the 50th anniversary? Let us know in the comments and check out more Vault Collection merchandise:

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