PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 8/9/19 (Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Fun, Construction Updates, and More!)


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PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 8/9/19 (Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Fun, Construction Updates, and More!)


Updated on:

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 8/9/19 (Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Fun, Construction Updates, and More!)

It’s a beautiful (albeit muggy) morning at the Magic Kingdom today. There were a few fun things planned for today, as it’s the 50th anniversary of the original Haunted Mansion attraction in Disneyland. Let’s take a look!

MagicKingdom8 9 19 25

Our version of the Haunted Mansion actually turns 48 in October, but that won’t stop us from celebrating the original that inspired it!

MagicKingdom8 9 19 2

They had a whole slew of anniversary merchandise at various spots in the park, and they let guests in early for a chance to snag some of it. I opted for the line leading to Memento Mori, as they would have the largest selection.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 3

Lo and behold, we were greeted by Chip and Dale dressed all spooky-like.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 4

Goofy came swooping in later as well, to entertain those of us in line.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 5

MagicKingdom8 9 19 6

Memento Mori is one of the smallest shops in Magic Kingdom, so the line was pretty slow. You can see all the new stuff they had for sale in our post right here.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 1

Many guests were here specifically for the brand new Host-a-Ghost jars, which were released today. They have taken over the spot of the lenticular ghost portraits that you could buy here until previously.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 39

MagicKingdom8 9 19 7

The line stayed pretty steady all day. It wrapped back towards Fantasyland.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 8

I was told the line stayed about this long until the park closed, which is rather impressive.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 11

The other big line today was at Frontier Trading Post, for the limited edition pins and the Funko Pop Vinyl.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 9

This one was longer at its peak, but was down to almost nothing by the early afternoon.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 31

I ran into this poor cast member, whose only job was to trade out the Pop Vinyls with slightly damaged boxes after they were purchased. You know those collectors, they need to have perfect boxes!

MagicKingdom8 9 19 34

The Art of Disney shop in Main Street Cinema had a really good selection of Haunted Mansion art displayed today.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 35

MagicKingdom8 9 19 37

I’m a fan of anything that’s specific to the Magic Kingdom facade.

Construction and Maintenance

MagicKingdom8 9 19 1

The Tomorrowland sign hasn’t returned yet. A new one is in the works, and should arrive sometime in the near future.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 16

They’re getting closer to finishing the newly widened path between Liberty Square and Cinderella Castle.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 17

Today they were hand painting the bricks slightly different shades of red. Nice touch!

MagicKingdom28 9 19 2

The other major construction project right now is for the new Tron coaster, coming in 2021.

MagicKingdom28 9 19 3

It’s pretty big, you can see it from the Adventureland bridge.

MagicKingdom28 9 19 1

Still a long way to go, but it should fit in well with Tomorrowland once it’s finished.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 12

Back in Adventureland, I noticed they took out a bunch of trees between the main path and the Jungle Cruise entrance.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 13

They’ve been replaced with younger, smaller plants. It lets the whole area breathe, I think.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 26

The seating area in Liberty Square is still being redone.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 27

The walls give us an interesting little stroller-parking alley near the Hall of Presidents.

MagicKingdom28 9 19 1

Also in Liberty Square, the old Keel Boat dock is being re-roofed. This dock is used as an extended queue for the Haunted Mansion on busy days.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 10

At the entrance to Frontierland, the “Rivers of America” sign is missing! Probably just for refurbishment.

Merchandise and Et Cetera

MagicKingdom8 9 19 33

These new-style penny press machines have been cropping up everywhere lately. There’s one near The Jungle Cruise now.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 32

MagicKingdom8 9 19 30

In Frontierland, because the Frontier Trading Post was occupied with an enormous queue, they moved the “trading post” pin board outside for a bit. You never know what you’ll find on this one.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 23
Pirates Hat ($27.99)

I found this fun Pirates of the Caribbean hat in Fantasy Faire. It has its own earring!

MagicKingdom8 9 19 24

MagicKingdom8 9 19 22

They have a nice line of Walt Disney World apparel in Big Top Souvenirs. It’s simple, but nice.

MagicKingdom8 9 19 21
WDW Shirt ($34.99)
MagicKingdom8 9 19 18
WDW Sweatshirt ($49.99)
MagicKingdom8 9 19 19
Hooded Sweatshirt ($54.99)
MagicKingdom8 9 19 20
Long Sleeve Shirt ($39.99)
MagicKingdom8 9 19 14
Light Up Zero ($30.00)

We saw this fun Zero toy in Disneyland recently. He finally made it here!

MagicKingdom8 9 19 15

MagicKingdom8 9 19 38

That’s it from the Magic Kingdom for today! I know it’s hard to believe, but the first Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is in just about a week. We’ll be covering all of the new and returning fun, so keep reading!


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