Lady and the Tramp
Lady and the Tramp

DISNEY+ REVIEW: Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” on Deep in the Plus

This is Deep in the Plus!

Each week, we pull a different movie or TV show from the Disney+ vault and tell you the history and the details, plus you give our review and tell you if it’s worth your time.

This week, we have a classic for you. It’s not a DEEP pick, nor is it the first thing you chose when you logged in to Disney+ for the first time, but it’s Walt Disney’s animated masterpiece, Lady and the Tramp!

This 1955 animated classic follows a coddled cocker spaniel named Lady, whose comfortable life seems to be slipping away once her owners have a baby. After a series of unfortunate events, Lady finds herself on the loose and on her own, until she runs into a tough stray mutt called Tramp who teaches her the rules of life on the streets. A romance begins to blossom between the two dogs, but their many differences, along with more drama at Lady’s home, threaten to keep them apart.

So grab a bowl of meatballs and spaghetti and join us on this lovely Bella Notte, as we go… Deep in the Plus!

Lady and the Tramp
Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp was the first film distributed by the Buena Vista Film Distribution company. It was the 15th Disney animated feature film, and the first animated feature to be filmed in the CinemaScope widescreen film process.

And while it was made in the golden age of Disney animation, around such classics as Alice in Wonderland (1951), Peter Pan (1953) and Sleeping Beauty (1959), it doesn’t seem to get the same love. Its only presence inside Disney Parks is Tony’s Town Square at Walt Disney World, and it’s only been Tony’s for about 30 years. However, the film did receive a direct-to-DVD sequel in 2001 and a Live Action remake on Disney+ in 2019.

So, does this movie deserve to stand with the rest of the animated features of it’s time? Watch this episode and decide for yourself. Is this movie for you? Do you agree with our thoughts?

And don’t forget, in every episode of Deep in the Plus, you’ll get bonus recommendations as we present our “Pick of the Week.” This is where we offer suggestions on even more gems from the Disney+ vault. Don’t miss it!

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