BREAKING: Disney Confirms Walt Disney World Railroad Will Reopen With New Voiceover This Holiday Season After 4-Year Closure

After being closed for over four years due to the construction of TRON Lightcycle / Run, the Walt Disney World Railroad will finally reopen at Magic Kingdom during “this holiday season.”

Walt Disney World railroad testing

“The familiar whistle of its steam engine will be complemented by exciting new sounds and voices,” the team of Imagineers shared. “A new conductor has assumed the role, carrying on the long tradition of warm welcomes and amusing anecdotes while adding fresh commentary and story to the journey.”

A new conductor character was created for the audio tour to provide “a voice our guests can envision and resonate with. Someone who grew up on Main Street, U.S.A., dreaming of the day they’d be on the railroad. They’ve now achieved that dream, and they know everyone and everything at Magic Kingdom … an unofficial mayor of sorts. This conductor is humble, genial, and knowledgeable, and he’s eager to help passengers of these iconic steam trains get to their destinations around the park he loves so dearly.”

You can preview some of the new voiceover in our video below as we caught some of the testing at the stations.

Audio about TRON Lightcycle / Run was also added.

The Walt Disney World Railroad closed in December 2018. Its track that runs around Tomorrowland had to be removed to make way for TRON Lightcycle / Run. Disney used the closure to repaint two of the Walt Disney World Railroad train stations, refurbish the Walter E. Disney train engine, and replace some of the tracks. A tunnel for Walt Disney World Railroad has been constructed under TRON Lightcycle / Run and new tracks were installed in the area.

TRON Lightcycle / Run is scheduled to open in early April 2023 with previews in March 2023.

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2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Disney Confirms Walt Disney World Railroad Will Reopen With New Voiceover This Holiday Season After 4-Year Closure”

  1. Happy for the train its a pita to walk from frointerland to tomorrow in 115 summer heat. Though tron is summer now if your lucky. They have to test alot more this isnt your average roller coaster. CMs havent even started training i know i am on the team.

  2. The steam train’s return is more than welcome! The heart of the Magic Kingdom will finally beat again. It is shameful that the train was closed for 4 years!!!


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