UPDATE: Walt Disney World Face Shield Policy Effective Tomorrow for Guests Requesting Alternate Accommodations; Guests Must Provide Own Face Shields

UPDATE: Despite earlier reports from Guest Relations Cast Members stating that guests requesting alternative accommodations would be able to wear face shields in lieu of face masks (with some restrictions), Walt Disney World has issued clarification stating that all guests will still be required to wear standard face masks. You can find the full details here.

In a post earlier today, we were informed that guests who could not wear face masks who requested an alternative accommodation would be provided a face shield. While initially it was believed Disney would provide the face shields, guests must now bring their own if opting in. The face shield policy will go into effect tomorrow, July 14.

Walt Disney World is currently requiring face masks for all guests visiting the theme parks, but like Universal Orlando, Disney will soon allow guests to wear face shields if they are unable to wear the mask all day and request accommodation.

Source: Disney

Guests with disabilities who are unable to wear a mask may wear a face shield. Further details, like whether they will need to visit Guest Relations for additional clearance (Universal uses a wristband system for guests who opt for face shields) is still unknown. Either a face mask or a face shield is required to be worn at all times in the park. Many Cast Members are already required to wear face masks and face shields.

Certain attractions will require guests to remove the face shield and put on a mask, but the guest may wear the face shield in the queue before boarding. Guests utilizing this accommodation should ask Guest Relations which attractions require a mask instead of a shield.

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  1. Disney is crazy… there’s NO way we are doing this! We are canceling our trip in Sept.

    1. We are not going this year either……Disney is insane…..95 degrees and a mask all day…..I can smell the law suites a mile away……

    2. Already cancelled our trips twice over this complete asinine policy. Disney will not get a dime from me until they stop playing politics and start treating their Guests like real Guests, instead of pawns. 

    3. I agree, with the number of cases in Florida right now they shouldn’t be opening the parks at all!

    4. That is the correct answer. If you can’t hack it, don’t go. Disney trips are a luxury that I don’t think would be enjoyable with a mask or having to constantly be on guard against maskless buffoons who could get me sick.

    5. We, my family just got back. Universal was fine. 96 degree heat and a mask shortened our days. Stayed at a friend’s house and cooked most our meals. Most good restraunts are closed or you get their menu on a phone app. Order on your phone and pay. Servers bring drinks and managers deliver the food. Not fun and waited a lot

  2. So do we know yet if you have to get a special band like at Universal? Or you can just do it?

  3. I am SO glad they are enforcing this. Too many whiners who couldn’t be bothered to wear a mask just got their arse handed to them. Cry and complain for change? You’ll get change. But you may not like it.

  4. Bye bye Disney. Never again going. Life is too precious, rather go to the beach instead.

  5. My dads a disney fanatic, atleast 2 family trips per year – 4-5 days at either contemporary or wilderness lodge.. but after removing EVERY smoking area, playing loud rap at pools & finally destroying Splash Mountain, he’s had enough. He surprised us all by not scheduling our summer trip & saying we’re going to Colorado instead. I’d always planned on continuing DW trips with my kids as a tradition, but their (magic) has been exposed to hate families & shove their agendas down our throats…

  6. No mask of any kind for our family, we will be canceling our September week vacation at their resort as well. Looking into cancelling our passes as well since our attendance would require a mask and reservations in order to visit. Mask should be optional.

  7. Having Mickey Mouse on a mask does not make this less creepy. Disney world being open right now is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

  8. I was at Epcot today. They are NOT allowing anyone to wear face shields. I was basically invited to leave the park if I could not comply with the mask. I have COPD and the CDC website says that certain people should not wear masks. Disney doesn’t care.

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