PHOTOS: Wood Panels Added to Cinderella Castle Stage as Refurbishment Continues at Magic Kingdom

Amidst the addition of new décor on Cinderella Castle for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary makeover, Cinderella Castle Stage has been undergoing a refurbishment of its own. Our update from a couple of weeks ago brought the completion of heating elements and now wood panels cover the majority of the stage.


Most of Cinderella Castle Stage is now covered in wood panels after being stripped of its platforms in February and its flooring completely removed in early March.


These panels cover several layers of waterproof sheathing, new flooring framework, metal grates, and heating elements.


One of the stage’s platforms was positioned here prior to refurbishment.


This end of the stage is in need of wood paneling, but we’ve noticed that construction has taken place from stage-left to stage-right so it shouldn’t be long before the entire stage is covered.


Additional materials are stored nearby behind temporary shrubs and scrim at the foot of the stage.


More wood panels can be seen, perfectly cut to fit the stage where needed.

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