CONFIRMED: Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Lobby to Undergo Refurbishment to Fit the ‘New Look’

Disney has finally confirmed that the lobby of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa will be refurbished next year amidst the resort’s 35th anniversary.

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa lobby

We reported earlier this year that the lobby would be renovated as part of an ongoing update to the resort. Disney publicly defended their remodel of the resort without specifically stating the lobby would be updated.

A new Disney Parks Blog post states, “The ongoing renovation will also include an upcoming refurbishment of the lobby, which will maintain the classic theming you know and love with some fresh new enhancements.”

Reportedly, when now-former CEO Bob Chapek took over the Parks & Resorts division in 2015, he felt that the Grand Floridian was not up to standards. The comparisons to a Four Seasons didn’t befit the current state of Walt Disney World, and so it was no longer suitable as the flagship resort. But rather than shift focus to another resort hotel, the company decided to make changes. It began with the Enchanted Rose Lounge, which replaced Mizner’s Lounge. It was given a “Beauty and the Beast” theme. Cítricos followed with a new “Mary Poppins”-inspired design. When the Grand Floridian Spa reopened in January, it was revealed that it, too, had been remodeled. All the rooms of the resort are still being updated and some “Mary Poppins” theming has been added throughout guest buildings.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa will celebrate its 35th anniversary on July 1, 2023.

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8 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Lobby to Undergo Refurbishment to Fit the ‘New Look’”

  1. I fervently hope the Grand Floridian Lobby renovation will include a reformat of the “bird cage” into a place for the return of The Grand Floridian Orchestra “!!!
    THEY are the missing magic and spirit that has been lacking at the Grand Floridian. Their impact is far reaching and one of the ingredients that has beckoned our return and enjoyment for decades…since 1988!

  2. Interesting that Disney doesn’t even know when their own “flagship” resort opens. It was late June in ‘88 that the Grand opened which would make this the 35th anniversary of the resort.

  3. I had a hand in designing the Grand Floridian Resort back in 1984. I was working the 2nd shift, 4 to midnight shift in the Disney Security division. I was working the Administrative area along Vista Blvd and the W.E.D. Building (Today’s FOS). I was doing a walk through and a Imagineer architect was working late on the Grand Floridian, Alexandria was from Disneyland, a California girl and did not have a clue of Florida hotels of the 19th Century. I am a Florida Historian, I returned the following night with a publication of the H.B. Plant Tampa Bay Hotel, part of University of Tampa and the Henry Flagler Resort. The former was a Victorian style hotel so Alex was able to visit. I loaned the material to her for 6 months when it was returned with her thanks. I pulled Security duty as the GF Resort was being built.

  4. If the “Disney” is removed from “Walt Disney World” you will lose your core demographic. Be very careful with the changes you make to the place that so many people love and think of as home.


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