PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 9/28/19 (Droid Testing Mats, Maleficent 2 Preview, New Skyliner Merchandise, and More!)

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Bright Suns (sorry, not sorry) from Disney’s Hollywood Studios! A whole line of Disney Skyliner themed items went on sale starting as early as 6:00AM today at select locations. We walked into Hollywood Studios shortly after 8:00AM to find the assortment of items above and below. For a detailed look at each item with prices, … Read more

PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 9/27/19 (Mickey’s of Hollywood Grand Re-Opening, Legends of Hollywood Wallpaper, Tower of Terror Props and Details, and More!)

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Good morning again from Disney’s Hollywood Studios! The sun is shining, Mickey’s of Hollywood has reopened, and we are ready for our close-up. These windows at Mickey’s of Hollywood remainblacked out, they are the ones facing guest relations. Here are a couple of the window displays that were uncovered recently, both featuring items from the … Read more

PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Animal Kingdom 9/27/19 (New Themed Guest Experience Team Podiums, Limited Edition Pins, Pandoran Details, and More!)

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Here we are again at Disney’s Animal Kingdom bright and early for another trip around to see what’s been happening inside the park! Since it happened to be Thursday, that meant it was time for some new limited edition pin releases. Here at Animal Kingdom, they can be found at the Discovery Trading Company on … Read more

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/25/19 (Halloween Decor, Ugly Stepsisters, Love Bugs, and More!)

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Good morning from the Magic Kingdom! We caught this beautiful sunrise between the express and resort monorail beams, just as we were getting off the monorail. Here we are at the entrance to Main Street, U.S.A. One of the trains is stationed for guests to see as they enter the park, they can also go … Read more

PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 9/24/19 (Mickey’s of Hollywood Update, More Painting in Animation Courtyard, Kyber Crystals, Loth-Cats, and More!)

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Bright Suns! Today we found ourselves at Disney’s Hollywood Studios again, we just can’t get enough of this place! Let’s take a look at what has changed over the past couple of days. Let’s start out in the front of the park. This was the morning of the first day of the Disney Skyliner Cast … Read more

PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 9/24/19 (Primeval Whirl, Napping Otters, New “Up! A Great Bird Adventure” Show, and More!)

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Jambo everyone! Today’s photo report comes to you from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s been a hot minute since we did a report from here, so let’s see what’s going on today… As soon as we crossed the bridge into Discovery Island, we ran into Kevin! Kevin pretty much goes and does whatever she wants. (That’s … Read more

PHOTOS: New Epcot Experience Center Logo Mural Gets Repainted, Additional Designs Added to The Odyssey Pavilion Facade at Epcot

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Hello again from Epcot! We stopped by today to check up on The Odyssey Pavilion and the progress being made on its exterior. Let’s take a closer look. In our last Odyssey update, we looked at the logo mural being painted on the side of the building near Test Track. You can see what this looked … Read more

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/22/19 (Tomorrowland, Crowds, and Bears oh my!)

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Good morning from Magic Kingdom! We started off bright and early today to try and get a glimpse of the new Tomorrowland sign since we last checked in on it, this time while it was still illuminated, it was still lit but daylight was setting in quick! Let’s head into the land… Look out Cool … Read more

PHOTOS: 9/20/19 Construction Update for Club 33 Location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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During our most recent visit to Animal Kingdom the we decided to check in on the construction going on in Africa for the future Club 33 location, Harambe House. It’s been about a month since our last update. The location construction site is adjacent to the Festival of the Lion King theater in Harambe (Africa) … Read more

PHOTOS: Animal Kingdom Tram Loop 9/20/19 Construction Update

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Today we decided to check out how things were going over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We were particularly interested in the progress being made with all the construction going on at the park entrance. The last time we checked in on this project not much had been done. The project began this past May, and … Read more

PHOTOS: Amazing Pictures at Disney Springs Closes its Doors to Make Way for New Ample Hills Location

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We recently stopped by Disney Springs, and when we arrived over on the West Side we quickly noticed that the location for the Amazing Pictures Photography Studio had recently closed its doors permanently. Back in August it was announced that this area of Disney Springs would become the home of various new food & beverage … Read more

PHOTOS: Signage Installed at the New Joffrey’s Location at the Caribbean Beach Resort Skyliner Station

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Today we stopped by Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, specifically to check out what was new with the Disney Skyliner hub station and the new Joffrey’s location. Let’s see if there have been any major changes! “What’s the small building” you say?…let’s get a closer look from another angle… Last time we checked in, this building was … Read more

PHOTO REPORT Hollywood Studios 9/17/19 (New Head Wear, Galaxy’s Edge, Mickey’s of Hollywood & More!

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Bright Suns! Here we find ourselves again at Disney’s Hollywood Studios; there is just so much happening these days at this park. As you can see, not much has changed since we last checked-in with Mickey’s of Hollywood, which is slated to re-open very soon! All the windows remain blacked-out, and there are a couple … Read more

PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 9/17/19 (Remy’s Hide & Squeak Prize Tumblers, Construction Updates, Lights Out at ImageWorks, and More!)

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This morning, we checked into Epcot right at rope drop. Spaceship Earth is such a stunning sight still, despite all the construction that now surrounds it. All four cups are still available as prizes from “Remy’s Hide and Squeak” Scavenger Hunt! Hurry though, one or two prizes always tend to run out before the festival … Read more

PHOTOS: Latest Update on Tram Loop and Entrance Construction at Epcot

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There are a lot of big changes that are happening currently at the front of Epcot. Not just inside the park, but outside as well. Work continues to be underway to improve the overall entrance experience for guests. One important note to be made is that if you are traveling from TTC to Epcot, due … Read more

PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 9/15/19 (Galaxy’s Edge Updates, Mickey’s of Hollywood Refurb Progress, Eyes on Detail, and More!)

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Bright Suns from Disney’s Hollywood Studios! We arrived at the parks bright and early and caught a glimpse of some last-minute touches being made at the parks’s Skyliner station. Next, we headed into the park to check on the progress of the Mickey’s of Hollywood refurbishment. Not much has changed over the past few days … Read more