DISNEY+ REVIEW: The Original “Pete’s Dragon” on Deep in the Plus

Rob Whiteside

Petes Dragon

DISNEY+ REVIEW: The Original “Pete’s Dragon” on Deep in the Plus

Once again, we’re going Deep in the Plus!

This week, we’re excited to bring you the 1977 musical, “Pete’s Dragon“!

Elliott, a magical dragon, causes chaos in a small New England fishing village when he tries to help a young orphan, Pete, escape from his evil foster parents. Pete finds a new home with a kind lighthouse keeper named Nora, played by Helen Reedy. Nora and her father Lampie, played by Mickey Rooney, take in Pete with open arms while helping Elliott avoid the clutches of the greedy Dr. Terminus who wants to exploit him.

It’s pure Disney magic! So, climb aboard this magical dragon and ride with us as we go Deep in the Plus!

Petes Dragon
Petes Dragon

Whether you love the classic songs like “Candle on the Water” or you grew up watching the Elliott float in the Main Street Electrical parade, most people who have watched this movie have been captivated by its charm.

If you haven’t seen it, find out what you’ve been missing in this episode of Deep in the Plus!

Click to the video below to see our full review of Pete’s Dragon. You’ll also see our bonus recommendations for the best hidden gems on Disney+ in our “Picks of the Week.”

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  1. Great movie. I grew up watching it and my kids love it now. Did not care for the new one that much. It just didn’t have the magic of the old one. Miss the electric parade sooo much. Loved the Elliot float.

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