Who We Really Are at WDWNT.com – A Statement from Tom Corless

Tom Corless

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Who We Really Are at WDWNT.com – A Statement from Tom Corless

Tom Corless

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Who We Really Are at WDWNT.com – A Statement from Tom Corless

As you probably are aware, the Disney Parks Blog decided to “debunk” a rumor yesterday by referring to this site as an “unscrupulous source”. Needless to say, there has been a lot of ill-will thrown in the direction of WDWNT.com since then, so I wanted to take a few moments to calmly and rationally look at the situation. Whatever your standing may be, I certainly hope you take the time to read what I have to say.

First off, let me defend the sources that have made WDWNT.com what it is today. These individuals, within various departments of the Disney Company, believed in this site. They believe in unfiltered, honest news about the Disney corporation and the direction it is heading in. These people took the risk of losing their jobs to empower an outlet that would fight for quality that sometimes is lost in the corporate machine. They are passionate fans who were not paid for information, but rather just wanted to share (sometimes exciting, sometime infuriating) news with others who had that same passion. For those who say these “rumors” rarely pan out, I’ve compiled a list of stories broken first here at WDWNT.com, and then confirmed by Disney. It may seem petty, and it probably is, but I think it’s easier to get the whole picture with visible, hard evidence. Here are just a few:

Certainly, some rumors don’t pan out, as is the case sometimes with things not announced yet by the company, but those are few and far between in our reporting history. Many like to bring up the Lord of the Rings themed-land, Tower of Terror bar (which we even then reported was cancelled before anyone else), and a 5th park for Walt Disney World when trying to hurt our credibility. There are certainly more, but it doesn’t reach the volume above. As for the Tiki Room/Moana rumor, I will let that simmer until further information is available. That horse has already been beaten to death at this point. Regardless, I think there’s a bit of a disparity between what gets confirmed and what doesn’t.

Let’s look at what WDWNT.com is beyond these “rumor” posts…

We are the site that started maintenance reports for the U.S. Disney Parks when it became noticeable that conditions in many attractions and such were becoming much worse. The outpouring of support and the numbers of readers these pieces had on a weekly basis was staggering. Honestly, one of the greatest moment of my life was seeing Brer Bear’s tail restored to Splash Mountain just two weeks after the list began, a thing that had been missing from the ride since I was just a kid. You can hear my joy (embarrassingly I admit) in the video below:

Don’t worry, these reports are coming back soon…

WDWNT.com is the site that organized a walkthrough and dessert party inside of The Great Movie Ride just two days before it closed forever. This was put together after D23’s event registration closed in seconds, leaving many fans without a proper way to say goodbye to the attraction, a classic ride that they had been given less than a month’s notice was even closing. Disney did absolutely nothing to celebrate the history of Disney’s Hollywood Studios for its 30th anniversary, while we reunited Imagineers who created the park to talk about their work in front of guests. We also reunited the Adventurer’s Club for a special beach party for their 30th birthday.

I have never publicized this, but both those events were hosted at a financial loss to WDWNT.com. We didn’t put them on to make money. We put them on to do the right thing by fans since Disney seemingly refused to.

In more recent weeks, Disney denied the creative forces behind IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth the opportunity to do an official special event celebrating the end of the show. Those individuals who created this nighttime spectacular, which has enchanted the World Showcase Lagoon for 20 years and made Disney a ton of money, weren’t even offered a paid-dinner, nor space to view the final performance. When we heard about this, I offered to take host their finale dinner party and reserved viewing space on September 30th because it felt like the right thing to do. Disney went and sold a line of merchandise commemorating the end of the show and put billboards all over town to squeeze the last few cents out of it.

All of these events listed above (as well as our annual marathon show on Thanksgiving weekend) also played a role in raising over $50,000 for various charity organizations like Give Kids the World, Toys for Tots, and Ryman Arts, all amassed over the 12 years WDWNT has been around.

Those who claim that I only care about clicks and ad revenue do not have the whole picture. Those who also think I would jeopardize the reputation of this site (which I worked tirelessly with this team to build over the last 12 years) by posting unfounded rumors should probably re-examine such thoughts. Who on earth would throw away a passion project that evolved into a real company? Why would I jeopardize a dream job for a short-sighted monetary gain?

I am heartbroken that the Public Relations teams inside the Walt Disney Company have decided it best to slander a fan site that has shown such passion. A fan site that has complied to every requested story correction, rewording, or anything of that sort over these 12 years as well.

I love Disney. I love what the brand stands for. I love its incredible history. I love when they continue to push boundaries with new offerings like Pandora: The World of Avatar or Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I also don’t love some things. I don’t love Toy Story Land. I don’t love Pixar Pier. I don’t love going to Japan and seeing how much better maintained the attractions are, knowing it is possible that it be done in every Disney Park that the Disney Company operates. I don’t love them withholding the closures of classic attractions to fit their needs and to suppress the ability of the public to speak out against them. It is certainly no secret that I don’t care for them telling their approved media outlets what they can and cannot say.

I have said what I felt I needed to. You’ll only read this side here because Disney won’t let any other site tell you any of this. By the way, how many of those sites have reported on the Country Bear Jamboree closure rumors yet?

I can understand not believing a fan site over The Walt Disney Company, it sounds pretty preposterous, but then again, so do a lot of the scenarios listed above.

WDWNT.com is not changing course, we are not buckling to any pressure, and we will not relent. It isn’t easy to be publicly scrutinized by thousands of people (as you can imagine), but I believe in what we are fighting for. We will continue to try to save The Country Bear Jamboree, we will continue to have fun speculating the future of the Disney theme parks, because that’s what fans do, and we will continue to care (possibly even to a fault) about this thing we all love so much.

115 thoughts on “Who We Really Are at WDWNT.com – A Statement from Tom Corless”

  1. You guys do a great job, and I love the rumors, don’t let the SJW get to you, not everyone will agree, but you guys bring real news, in a time were reports and investigation is dead in the new, keep pressing on, keep bringing up the rumors and the news, bring us the reviews and the pricing……you guys are the best

    • I’m sure it’s reassuring to the site and author that the first comment to offer support also finds a way to throw out well thought out criticism like “SJW”. Nothing let’s the everyone know they’ve properly explained a difficult situation like a disjointed, unnecessary rant.

    • I’ve never posted here before or any other blog or news sites, but I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work. I’ve visited this site off and on for years now and I have always considered this a very reputable and professional site. I believe in everything you do and I enjoy reading the rumors, updates and general Disney goodness that you write on.

    • I completely agree! I read this site every day and look forward to the honest reviews and information, often times before Disney even announces it officially. living in Louisiana I wish so often that I was closer to attend the awesome events you plan; it’s still a goal of mine! I truly appreciate your sentiments and how important it is to you to preserve what walt founded the company on, not just for ourselves but for future generations. continue the great work!

    • I disagree as a shareholder and I love all Disney and I trust the company I think you should like step back go worry about something else for a while. let them do their job it’s not your job to sit there and worry and investigate things that are inone of your business. If you’re a true fan as you say you are you would leave it alone and worry about McDonald’s or somebody else

  2. I am and will continue to be a fan of your website. You have provided countless tips on what to expect when we plan our trips. I thank you for that.
    I also believe that Disney went over the top, not in a good way, about the reported rumors. Seems it would have been better to talk to you about what they saw as “fake news” (how I have grown to hate that phrase).
    Keep up the great work. I appreciate it very much.

  3. I haven’t been a reader for that long, but have greatly enjoyed all of the photo updates, stories, rumors, and other content that you deliver daily. Disney may not like the secrets you spill, but for Disney fans it’s nice to have some inside access.

  4. You clearly stated the Tiki Room article as a rumor. Rumors sometimes turn into reality and sometimes they don’t. I don’t think you have to apologize when a rumor gets debunked. It happens. I appreciate all the rumors and I trust they are coming from a good source. Keep up the good work, this is the number 1 site I go to regarding WDW news and rumors.

  5. Tom, you do an excellent job with this site and your record speaks for itself. While I’m glad that Disney took the effort to quash the rumor, calling your efforts unscrupulous was uncalled for. What was even more interesting, from a PR point of view, were the other rumors that they carefully danced around. That tells you that you’re onto something. A good journalist knows that not all stories wind up being true, but at least you pursue them. Keep up the good work.

  6. Very well said, it is unfortunate you had to put this statement out. Most wdwnt fans know this already, but it’s convenient to have a list to refer to when we defend you and this site. It is frustrating to read others/trolls/haters tweets just blasting you for their own “need for attention”. I have you and wdwnt’s notifications set bc I want to know every bit of news the second it’s tweeted or published. The people who also have their notifications set just to post hateful idiotic things the moment you say something should be the biggest testament to the success you have achieved. My wife and I are excited and can’t wait for the Reflections event, we purchased our tickets on Monday!

  7. This is the only site I trust for Disney news. The Disney Parks Blog page seemed to shift focus about 3 years ago and I’ve disliked it since. When someone asks me a question about Disney, WDWNT is the first place I go. I play the music from the site practically all day at work and I leave the page open and constantly refresh it. This team puts a lot of work and effort to make sure all Disney fans have the most up to date information available. Thank you for everyone on the staff for all that you do. Keep up the fantastic work!

  8. Can’t believe how much backlash you’re facing. I trust this site fully, and no recent events have changed that at all!

  9. Love you guys. This was the first site I started following. The one I always read and watch to see what’s going on at Disney. Keep up everything all you guys are doing. Your fans love it and you. Hope to see you around the star wars opening in August. Always a fan of wdwnt!!!

  10. This is my favorite Disney fan site for news, reviews, rumors and everything in between. Please keep doing what you’re doing and know that true fans appreciate you and your hard work!!!

  11. Nicely said! Thank you for all the reports and disney park walkthroughs!! Oh and please save the country bears!! Disney is to toy story heavy as it is! Thank you

  12. Thank you for what you do! As the owner of a fan site that has been similarly dismissed and disparaged by its target organization, I emphathize and support you. Some people don’t understand the passion piece of it — the number of hours you’ll put in because you love the organization and want to see it succeed. You advocate for the fans, and we thank you for it!

  13. I’ve always defended this site as being very reliable with rumors, despite the narrative otherwise. I read your work multiple times a day. I have to say though, your reaction to the Parks Blog post yesterday doesn’t come off great. I thought the Parks Blog was having some fun with it and answering in the style of the Tiki room. Vaguely insulting and silly. I feel like you’re overreacting a bit to it. I get that you feel like your credibility is being attacked by Disney, since it frequently is by others. But getting upset by them calling you unscrupulous is kind of silly. They were obviously having fun with it. I’ll continue reading and enjoying. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this.

    • I imagine Tom’s reaction is so strong because this isn’t just a playful jibe from Disney, rather a slap in the face from a PR team that he’s maintained a positive relationship with over the years. And this was right on the heels of WDWNT getting some very unnecessary shade spontaneously thrown at them by that Mickey Views News kiddo.

  14. When you clearly say RUMOR in the headline of a “rumor” I don’t understand why people get upset……

    I’ve enjoyed the site for years. Keep up the great work!

  15. Well said. You do a fantastic job and yes sometimes the info is not true but most of the time it is. Like you said they have been mum on Country Bears. Keep your head held high and ignore the trolls and naysayers. Walt did.

  16. Your site does exactly what I want it to and what I want it to be. I can only go to Disney every 2 years. This site is the only one that makes me feel I am actually still there. The detail and care you put into every story, food review and video is truly appreciated. I want transparency. I want your honest opinions. I am not good with putting my feelings into words, but damn I love this site and I love what it does. The maintenance report is the bold and honest thing I have any site put out. You are telling them that we see these and want them fixed. Simply because we love these parks and want them to be beautiful and want others to fall in love like we have. Anyway, I cannot thank you and your team enough. Thank you. Thank you.

    Oh, one more thing. Um, when I yell “Action!”, don’t forget the thunderous applause for your tour guide. Places, everybody! And … Action!

  17. Yeah I’ve been seeing a lot of people hating on you guys recently- on reddit see some other “social media influencers” taking jabs. It is what it is. I still visit the sight and will continue to watch some streams & youtube/read other blogs- a bunch of them do seem to play it really safe and seem afraid of their standing with Disney in that regard.

    A lot of your stuff is spot on and way more up to date. Plus- If you can’t report on rumors, I mean whats the point? Don’t need to see them all do their own generic version of “reactions” to stuff- lmao to be honest I rely on my own reactions

  18. Stay the course, Tom.

    Your site is fantastic and I look forward to any and all news that WDWNT reports.

  19. Thanks for keeping it real. Disney does everything they can to keep honest reviews and opinions at a minimum. I’m not surprised they went after WDWNT, considering they also went after the LA Times for not keeping rank. To a certain extent it always has been, but now more than ever is a cult of personality. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

  20. Keep up the great work! Will continue to follow, support and share your information.

  21. It’s sad how crazy this has got, all because of some rumors being breaked. Of course, some rumors are going to be debunked, no one is perfect. But you guys here on WDWNT sure as hell try. I give you the best of luck with all the bullies out there and hopefully, somehow, you guys will be able to turn everyone’s thoughts around with one of your latest rumors becoming a reality. I’m not saying I want the Country Bear Jamboree or even the original Tiki Room to be announced to go, I personally loved both shows ever since I was very little, but that, these simple rumors would turn so many people against you and this website is just crazy. I hope all this madness can get resolved….have a Zip a Dee Do Dah day!

  22. Good job, Tom. This is well thought out and well said, and rises above the mud that tends to be slung on social media by others as well as you. I think this side will suite you better in the long run.

  23. As a long-time reader, but first time commenter, I’d like to express my appreciation for all you and your team do. For FREE. I enjoy this site for the wealth of information you provide, as well as a glimpse into the parks for those of us who can’t be there regularly. I enjoy reading the rumors and take them as rumors, not facts (although based on your track record, I lean toward believing the rumors). Please keep up the good work and please pass along any information you come across — whether straight from the mouth of the mouse or from your generous sources.

  24. I’m glad you made this. Because a close friend of mine has just been smack talking wdwnt. Now I can just send him this

  25. WDWNT team – I applaud your position of not backing down or changing your corporate business model. We know there will be future rumors that will continue to be generated in the coming years, yet I feel that sites that lean to or have censorship are suspect. This is where I see the extreme value of WDWNT. The team is not short-sighted and has every right to vehemently defend their corporate mandates.

    So I say, take a bow and know your team is not only valued, but is necessary in a environment that can easily be attacked. You expose yourself to the onslaught of attacks, yet are under appreciated.

    I found it interesting that Disney has maintained radio silence for so many other rumors, but yet chose this particular one. Why? Perhaps it was because it hit too close to home.

  26. Thank you for this article, and it’s unfortunate that you were put in the position to need to write it. I’ve been watching theme park fan sites from the very beginning, and used to have one of my own back in the day. Over the years, I’ve come to learn that the big companies like Disney and Universal tread carefully with fan sites (or blatantly try to negate them), because they often communicate information better than their paid Marketing “experts” can. While theme park corporate heads are so caught up in the corporate lifestyle to see the importance of events like the one’s you’ve hosted, the fan sites just naturally “get it”. They love their corporate speak, fan sites just tell it like it is. It’s gotta be infuriating to be a theme park marketing executive, coming to the office day after day with the business suit on and degrees on the wall, only to see the volunteer fan sites scoop the news time and time again. Keep up the great work. You know you’re doing something right when this Californian looks to a WDW News site for Disneyland news because you do it better than most of our local sites. You’re on the right track. Good luck on finding a job you love. That’s a blessing!

  27. Thank you for all you do and the information you provide to those of us who have a deep, and long lasting love of the Disney theme parks and Disney in general. It can be disheartening to see some of the changes going on in the parks that appear to forget the vision Walt created, and others shared. While the only constant seems to be change, sometimes change in the interest of pure profit rather than a vision of the future connected to a historic past can leave life long fans sad and angry. It is nice knowing there are those within Disney and those outside of the company with that same passion for the parks that Walt started so long ago. Keep up the great work!

  28. Thank you for all your work Tom and WDWNT Team! Your site is the first one I read every morning (and check several times a day). Keep up the great work and believe in yourself. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

  29. Really great defense. I will say, when I initially read the comments from DPB I read it as them attacking the sources more than the blog itself. But nevertheless I don’t blame you for making this impassioned defense. As a recent reader in the last few months I find myself continually coming to this site multiple times a day during lulls at work to see what’s new in Disney news. As Ron said, I say keep doing the same thing, it’s what your fans appreciate. And while I’m no stranger to letting criticism get to me (I’m sure we all are), at the end of the day, your readership knows what it likes and wants and that is the great content you continually produce each day.

  30. Keep up the good work Tom. I like your show and column. I too love Disney to a fault. I believe they didn’t want to have to deal with the fan backlash until right before the closure. You letting the cat out of the bag early created a great pain for them before they were ready for it. So I think this is why you are getting the squeeze. Just know that alot of fans appreciate everything you do for the Ideal Dream that is Disney World. 😎👍🏰🌐🏙️🏔️

  31. WDWNT team – I applaud your position of not backing down or changing your corporate business model. We know there will be future rumors that will continue to be generated in the coming years, yet I feel that sites that lean to or have censorship are suspect. This is where I see the extreme value of WDWNT and differentiating itself from others. Your team is not short-sighted and has every right to vehemently defend their corporate mandates.

    So I say, take a bow and know your team is not only valued, but is necessary in a environment that can, and is, easily attacked (in a 360 degree circle). You expose yourself to the onslaught of attacks on all sides, yet are under appreciated. Being a leader means being able to take the “hits” and still press on; your team is continuing to lead.

    I found it interesting that Disney has maintained radio silence for so many other rumors, but yet chose a particular one. Why? Perhaps it was because it hit too close to home.

  32. A rumor is a rumor until it is confirmed. It’s not like you stated it in wills, it was a rumor. Disney has closed things over the years that I would have thought had plenty of throughput. That being said, don’t be saddened by this. Know that I come here for news because I trust the news here to be as honest as it can be with the information presented. I don’t go to the other sites. I also enjoy the maintenance reports (I wish they would fix the Land balloons so badly).

  33. I only found your site about 2 years ago, but from the beginning I could tell that you and your staff are serious Disney fans who only want to make things better and let more people know what is happening. I know who much work goes into a project like this. I am sure the ad money isn’t a major reason for all the work.

    I am pleased to have contributed in the comments section several times. My wife and I are about to retire to Florida from PA, and we are looking forward to the FL Resident discounted pass.

    For what its worth, keep up the good work.

  34. There are always going to be naysayers when someone speaks truth to power and when people feel like you are criticizing their own personal “sacred cow”.

    Keep it up 😎

    (Kilroy was NOT here)

  35. You do great work. Great news articles. Great entertainment. I always enjoy reading the rumors and maintenance reports. Keep it up!

  36. Sometimes rumors are true, but when the reaction to the rumors is seen, then plans get changed, and the rumor which may have had factual basis then becomes a false rumor.

    There were rumors for years about the tiki room being turned into a restaurant… And that was certainly something likely in considerations many times even if it never became true.

    So was it a false rumor…? Or was it something that did not happen… Or happen yet…?

    Outside sourse sights are not always spreading information which is endorsed by the target subject, and there can often be wrong information which is then taken as fact because it is out there.

    For a while this sight was on a monorail crusade, tell how bad the monorails were and to the point if making it sound dangerous to get in a monorail….

    I pointed out that a 20 year old train is not an old train as looking at the facts, things like trains are built to serve for 50 plus years.

    Many airplanes are way older then twenty years and Amtrak still runs trains from the 50s.

    Look at the walt disney world steam railroad… Those steam engines were built in 1925 at the Baldwin locomotive works outside of philladelphia Pennsylvania.

    Sometime when you love something, your passion to protect it can be distorted.

    Overall, there are many things which seem off course at Disney Parks, but there are still many more things which are as they should be.

  37. AMEN! Well written, informative, and strong. You’re really doing the Lord’s work for us all, I’ve never seen reporting like yours (in detail and volume) on any other site! It’s sad that news outlets and their leadership have to stand up for themselves now, but see it this way: you’ve come so far that Disney themselves have taken notice of you and called you out for the wrong reasons. As much as we hate to read these articles about dystopian and saddening rumors, they’re what make you stronger. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  38. A rumor is just that, you didn’t report it as fact, some rumors are debunked some play out. You can keep doing what you are doing or you can start to report what Disney wants and then get free perks, turn into allears or dfb and lose most of your audience. Keep up the good work.

  39. You do a great job, but maybe don’t report rumors any more and stick to actual park news. News is part of your title anyway, not rumors. Also, the local News 13 reported your site name in the article I read this morning, not good….at least the parks blog didn’t say the site name. But I’m a fan of the site and you share more info more often than other park sites I frequent, which is good.

  40. I also definitely enjoy reading your site. You are indeed the most up to date Disney news site, you have a well developed app, and a great staff producing great articles day by day. Whether or not I always agree with your opinions, I appreciate the work that you and your staff do. And I definitely support your publishing of these rumors, I just personally disagreed with how you spoke about them and feel some of the opinions should’ve been left for an editorial or opinion post. That aside, great job. I definitely respect what you’ve built up over the last 12 years.

  41. WDWNT is awesome! It gives me joy I can look forward to everyday to read something from this site since I can’t go to Disney parks often. Thank you all for the time, effort, love and dedication you put into sharing the news about Disney. Don’t worry about what they said, this doesn’t falter one bit of our loyalty to supporting and believing in your words and mission. God Bless!

  42. Keep up the good work. It’s always helpful to consider the other side of things, whether we agree with them or not.

  43. You guys do a wonderful job on reporting and are my trusted source to go to for info and honest feedback on all things Disney. Keep up the good work, we all support you.

  44. I love reading updates and info daily here on this site. Do not let anyone ever deter you from doing what you believe is right. We all must stand for something and that is not always an easy thing to do. I will continue to support you. Thank you for everything you do and after all we are talking about Disney the most magical place on earth.

  45. Running a site takes work that a lot of people don’t realize. People can be too quick to discredit something just because they don’t want it to be true. Keep doing what you do, because it does matter.

  46. Thank you for his post and for everything you do for the Disney fans!. You should be able to express a rumor or an opinion without someone from Disney making you censor it. You clearly stated it was a rumor, which means it may or may not be true. It’s not like you passed it off as fact. As a Disney super fan, I have been to WDW and on Disney cruises 18 times in my life. I would go more if I could afford it! In between, I read articles from sites like this and watch videos by Disney vloggers. Everyone who is familiar with Disney at all knows that the official Disney site is the last place to look if you want detailed information on something for planning! It’s like they don’t want you to know! Maybe they think that if you can’t fit everything into your vacation that you want, you’ll come back. Newsflash Disney- if you do things right and I have a magical time, I’ll come back no matter how much I fit in my trip!
    As I learn more about the plans Disney has already started to implement (like Galaxy’s Edge that is almost finished) and has planned for the future ( the entire Epcot overhaul), I am growing more and more fearful. I will admit that change is hard, but I could accept it better if I truly believed the company was heading in the right direction. It is my opinion that they are not, based on what I am hearing. I know I don’t have the full picture being an outsider, so I could be wrong. It pains me to see an IP shoved into every nook and cranny of the parks. One of the reasons I love Disney is that you can visit themed lands that take you general places (the Himalayan mountains, the Old West, the sci-fi future, Hollywood of old). I’m not so excited about being inside a particular movie. It’s great if you love the movie, but if you don’t, then it’s a whole section of the park that is pretty bland for you. It also feels like a huge advertisement when I see IPs everywhere. I’m already here, Disney! You already got my money; you don’t need to keep advertising at me! I often wonder what Walt Disney would think if he could see the company today. Would he be pleased or appalled? Let’s hope that the Disney corporation has things under control and that the new developments will work out positively. If not, I will have to find a new happy place for my vacation dollars.

  47. Found you guys through a podcast by Pete Werner- SO glad I did.

    You and your staff bring me the parks allll the way up here in Alaska between visits. I cannot say thanks enough for all that you guys do.

    The anonymity afforded by the internet allows for uninformed verbal diarrhea- keep your heads held high.

  48. I don’t go to the park blogs to get information, I go to your site. I have and will continue to view WDWNT as responsible journalism. There has never been a time when you have not offered a disclaimer and treat the “Rumor” as a “Rumor” until you have received credible confirmations. You are going to receive criticism because it is the internet. Let it pass. Continue to do the work you do.

  49. Tom Corless,
    I have been a great fan of yours from the start. Many thanks to you for always reporting honest assessments of everything Disney. In recent years it seems to me that Disney has become almost a hostile company, which absolutely breaks my heart as I have been a big fan of the company for years.

  50. Tom, you and your staff are still the best providers of Disney news on the web. Companies have long relied on sources like your website to test ideas as to gauge public opinion, only to curtail, suspend, modify, or even cancel their initial action if the response trends negative. This singular miss, followed by a corporate gut-punch, should not deter you or your team’s efforts. I’m still 100% TEAM WDWNT!!

  51. You guys do an AWESOME job!!! Keep you spirits up and ignore the haters!! Just keep doing your thing the way have always done it and you will undoubtedly rise even higher! Thank you for all that you do!

  52. Well said. I thought the DPB statement was tacky, unprofessional, and petty. I have been reading you guys for most of those 12 years, and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

  53. I appreciate you and all of WDWNT so much! You honestly tell the truth more often than Disney does, and you are quick to correct anything that is inaccurately reported. You are my #1 source for the latest Disney World news. And that will not change.

  54. Thank you for all that you do for the Disney community. I have been a reader/fan for the last SEVEN years and look forward to all you have planned!

  55. Don’t take any notice, I love reading your site and hearing all the latest news- including the rumours! Keep up the good work!

  56. You and your team do an amazing job and show true heart. You should be proud of maintaining your voice while creating a platform that gives us Disney geeks a place to meet and interact with people that share the same passion. I’m sure it’s upsetting when the Disney company takes a low shot, but I hope the comments and support of the people you’ve brought together drowns out the pettiness you have to deal with.

  57. If it makes you feel better, when I saw the “unscrupulous sources” I thought it was referring to whoever told you guys, not you yourselves….

  58. You may want to consider separating the “rumors” out of the news section. The header “news” implies facts, which is why some people take the rumors posts so seriously. Even though they’re always flagged as rumors, the headlines sometimes feel sensationalized (which is what happened with the Tiki Room post) and if they fell under their own category, perhaps the context would make the stories easier to digest and better contextualized. Just a thought.

  59. Keep doing what you are doing. Sometimes it is hard to trust Disney. I enjoy getting an outside view especially when that outside view has an obvious inside track. You don’t owe Disney an apology or an explanation.

  60. I read your site and find it true and trustworthy. I have never felt that you were talking out of your hat or saying something false. Did not read what your talking about but it seem awful. I don’t care for the direction the them parks are going. Anyway keep up the & honest reporting.

  61. I love WDW News Today, and I LOVE reading the rumors, however I am not a fan when articles of rumors starts with the headline “BREAKING NEWS”, as they are not NEWS until confirmed! I think if you want to keep going forward, you should take what is said about you to improve your site! Be more professional in the way that you take the criticism and work on the flaws to become EVEN better!

  62. Been reading this site for years! Your rumors inform us of the possibilities of these closures. Obviously it is good info on the Bears and Tiki Room or Disney wouldn’t have responded in such a way. Because of your site, they now have to deal with backlash. That puts a situation our of their control and sends them into PR mode like any corporate giant. Keep up the good work.

  63. I love the site and visit everyday to get my Disney information. Know that real fans love the site and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the wdwnt staff. Keep doing good things.

  64. What i dont think you guys understand is how much chaos and confusion this causes the cast members who work the attractions you constantly claim rumors of changing. As a CM myself ive been at attractions you claimed would be changing and we would have people crying and screaming at us becuase they think its closing.

    Its not just attractions either, you guys posted about a magic band that was accidentally released early and focused on the fact that its out before the release and in limited quantities. I witnessed guests verbally abusing merch cast because they couldnt get one claiming “the disney news site said you had it”

    Everything this site posts should never be taken as anything more than a rumor till Disney themselves announces it. Please stop saying “CONFIRMED” In click bait articles and just start off by saying this is only a rumor, no matter how confident your supposed inside sources are.

    • What attractions were those?

      Also, if guests ask us where we found items, we’re supposed to know that Disney is going to pull them back after we leave?

  65. The more people hate you is the indicator of your success. I LOVE this site. Anytime I feel a little down, I pop on and read articles, check out pictures and news of my favorite vacation spot. THANK YOU and your staff for everything you do. I wish you all the success possible in the future. I’ll continue to stand by wdwnt.com.

  66. Don’t listen to the Jabronis out there! You’re right far more often than you’re wrong and always post updates when you are! I trust your site way more than the Disney Parks Blog.

  67. Been a fan since the beginning. Have always enjoyed and appreciated your honesty in your reporting. And you’re doing it as a fan, which is what makes it the best source for Disney info. Thank you!

  68. Tom and crew, you guys are the best. I’ve been a loyal listener to the podcast since the spring of 2010 (Episode 130 is still the greatest). Over the years, I have had countless hours of laughs and I have learned a ton about WDW thanks to the podcast, See Ya Real Late, the Thanksgiving weekend charity marathons, the different versions of the radio show, etc. Visiting your website and finding out about the day’s Disney stories has been a daily occurrence for me for nearly a decade. Everything you do is top quality, exceedingly fun and thoroughly entertaining. Thank you.

  69. I guess I’m out of the loop, but I enjoy wdwnt.com and podcast- visit regularly and enjoy all content- rumor, truth, debinked- because Disney is my happy place, escape and I love listening to others who enjoy talking Disney, too. No one should really expect any true fan site to be 100% accurate, we are fans! It’s just opinion and discussion! And your site keeps me going back to spend money at wdw because it keeps my interest on the theme parks despite living very far away. I’m sad to hear this is happening.

  70. Love watching and listening to you all. I think you do a great job with the ‘rumours’. Thanks, Tom & the gang! Keep it up!

  71. I can’t say I’m a long time reader, but I appreciate the time you took to rebuke the opposition and defend your publication. Too few are willing to defend what they’ve built and will just offer an apology.

    As someone who also keeps up with video game news I can say truly unfounded rumors run rampant in that community. On that side, it’s about hype, which most people understand. I think it’s important, and might assist your reputation, to remind people what you’re attempting to do by reporting them; give a chance to visit an attraction before it’s impossible to do so. You’re clearly not solely focused on the profit, but you can’t deny it’s there (which you don’t), but rather a noble service to a devoted fan base.

    As with any noble cause, which preservation of history is, you will always make enemies. As I see it, this only means you’re on the right track.

  72. I’m a new follower. Keep them coming. Keep them on their toes, hold them accountable. And I can’t stand that man child with the squeaky voice who talks 100mph.

  73. You guys do a great job of providing updates to all the changes going on… I’ve only been a park fan since our 1st visit in 2012 and I am SO GLAD you guys started the maintenance report.

    It’s sad to see something you love be neglected and slowly drift away from the ideals that Walt Disney had when he created Disneyland.

    Thank you for making an effort to be a voice for all of us fans that simply want a return to the clean, well maintained parks that provide a ton of value and an exceptionally family friendly experience!!!

    May the magic live on!!!

  74. usually when someone vehemently denies something it’s actually true. The rumors they debunked will definitely not happen now. Because then they would have to admit you were right. 😁 keep doing what you’ve been doing and keep us in the know.

  75. First time ever posting on a site. Just wanted to make three quick comments:

    1. You and your team always report rumors as such. The burden is not on you to make them become confirmed facts, since you have no control over that, but on us, your readers – to read the stories carefully as they often contain clues as to how close the rumor is to becoming confirmed. Language such as “all but confirmed” “imminent” “planned” “early concept art shows ..” and “preliminary plans” should influence the weight we give to these rumors.
    2. As other posters have commented on this site, I feel Disney’s jab was aimed not necessarily at your site, but at Disney employees who leak stories to you. I read it as a public and veiled threat to your sources and to those who feed stories to other sites. Don’t get me wrong – their post is no love letter to WDWNT, but I think their overall goal is to intimidate sources.
    3. Your impartial, well-sourced content, as well as your snarky sense of humor and the ever-improving coverage of all things Disney Parks are what makes this site so valuable and meaningful to many of us. Keep up the good work! But PLEASE read all content twice before posting — lots of typos :)
    4. I am going to put my $ where my mouth is and become a WIGS member right now.

  76. Your social media posts are fun to read.
    Imagine us working stiffs caught in our day to day routine. Your WDWNT posts give us something to ponder. The good, the new, the needs improvement, the potential, the good byes. When you are one of the best, the criticisms are part of the attention that success brings. Respond when necessary, but just keep moving on to a new day. Managements come and go. Communication styles and priorities change in 12 years. Re-evaluate and if there’s some truth in the criticism, adjust and go forward. Sending support for a best day and better tomorrow.

  77. Tom,
    The problem with your site and all the others like it, is that you are Pom Pom Tossing Kool-Aid Drinkers of DIsney. You endorse Disney with everything they say or do like it some kind of Gospel except maybe for the your maintenance report. Four Parks under constant construction, miles of construction walls in every park, the endless time it takes to build projects, the outrageous price of the lowest quality food, Disney Transportation to a complete joke, the endless wait times for attractions when it is busy, and the insane TICKET PRICES Disney is charging for all this is upalling.

    There are two sides to everything, but we only hear the Disney side. You never give the negative side. This steak at Yachtsman Steakhouse was terrific, was cooked properly, presented well, & had a great sauce that made the dish spectacular. But the other side of the story is that it was only 6 ounces, no sides included they are extra, took 45 minutes to get it, service was not on par, and cost $57 for something that we could get across the street at Longhorns Steakhouse for $25 including the sides, better service, and it only cost a $6 Uber ride to get there.

    The list can go on and on, Minnie Van Service is 5 times as expensive than a Regular Lyft ride, it takes over an hour to go from resort to resort, the monorail is constantly broken down, the prices for a night stay at a Disney resort for the service you get is ridiculous, resorts are consistently in a bad state of disrepair, DVC Rates are crazy insane, and the add-on parties prices are no where near the worth of what you are paying for.

    But you never give your opinion on that stuff, maybe you ought to share your thoughts on those things as well. So Disney smacks you down on their by the way terrible blog, and you want us to feel bad for you. Well maybe you should use this as a wake-up call and give the people what they want..

  78. Well said, Tom Corless. I love your website and I love WDW. And it is so sad to hear WDW do this to you.

  79. There’s an old saying in football that if they’re not trying to stop you you’re going the wrong way. Keep up the great work. I’m fairly new to WDWNT and started reading regularly after the site I was following morphed into basically another official Disney outlet.

  80. I wanted to follow-up with my approved comment after watching last night’s episode.

    First, I live local to WDW. Second, I am amazed at the trance-like state that Disney “sanctioned” sites are in.

    Third, and more apropos, after watching you make your statements last night, it immediately drew me to a movie and single line that should resonate with you and your team. In Rocky II, Rocky decides he wants to fight again, but his manager, Mickey, tells him something that I think draws a parallel to your situation (about the 55 second timestamp).

    “What’s the matter…you shook the hell out of the champion of the whole wide world!”.

    You just did the same thing to the mighty Disney Corporation and I think that deserves major accolades.


  81. Our family appreciates you. My husband and I love reading your articles together to get our WDW fix. Thanks for all you do.

  82. We became patreons and jumped at the chance to view the final illuminations show with the package- to see it as it should be seen on it’s last night and to hear from those who helped create it- something Disney has not bothered to do. Thank you for putting it together!

  83. Class. Keep it up. The big money making machine should be better equipped with it’s P.R. than to have a go at the smaller guy.

  84. There not much I could add that hasn’t already been said. Keep up the unbiased reporting. I also support WDWDNT.com stance and authentic reporting.

  85. Saw that this made Fox News! And MSN.com! HaHa! You guys do a great job and clearly state if something is a “rumor” or fact. WDW needs to worry more about maintaining their parks. They need to check out your maintenance updates section. They could learn a thing or two, especially with their constant price raising.

  86. Tom you are absolutely one of my first go to people to look for information. Please don’t stop doing what you are doing. Sometimes things cannot be measured by a survey or the number of people that pass through a turnstile. I will always read you first as one of my go to’s. You are the Washington Post and New York Times of Disney News.

  87. While I can understand your personal dismay at feeling disparaged, it seems counter-productive to make posts like this as it only shines a light on the criticism you feel you are receiving. I have never, ever been aware of any criticism directed towards your site — unless I read about it on your site. I never would have assumed that the off-hand remark on the Disney blog was personally directed at you (in fact, I doubt the term “unscrupulous” would have even registered in light of the actual news reported). What I’m saying is — there are far, far less bad perceptions about your site than you feel there are, and while it may personally offend/hurt you that there is any at all, it doesn’t really accomplish anything to make public announcement about it – other than making those who criticize happy to see they managed to get under your skin and those of us blissfully unaware of criticism, aware. Breath deep and rise above!

  88. Love WDWNT. You guys do a great job reporting on a complicated, and moving organization (The Walt Disney Company). Everyone should understand what rumors are and the often changing nature of them. Realistically, just about everything reported on TWDC could be considered a rumor until it’s actually in place, I think most people have an idea of that, but there will always be those that just feel compelled to complain. Stay the course. Thank you.

  89. Actually, I’m a long time Disney fan and did not even know about this website, so Disney’s negative comment ironically brought me to you today. Now I’ve bookmarked wdwnt.com and intend to make you a part of my Disney habit, so maybe it’s true that any publicity is good publicity.

  90. Thank you Tom! Whether Disney “debunked false rumors” or listened to clearly a massive amount of fans contacting them in protest does not matter to me in the end. The end result seems to be saving the historical classics and reminding Disney that as they update for new generations if they want to keep their standing as more than just a theme park they need to remember the magic and honor the history. Universal is a great park.no doubt. Full of excellent attractions, certainly. Yet when I visited there I found something missing. It was cold. No heart and history surrounding its very beginning or todays’ operations. No magic Pixie Dust!! THOSE THINGS MATTER. They are what has kept me coming back and spending a LOT :) of money in the parks. I believe in you Tom and appreciate your hard work to keep the magic alive. Disney should thank you. You gave them the opportunity to change course and remember the power of the Disney magic.

    ***I got a chance to say goodbye to the Great Movie Ride. Last trip a rumor of its closing from a credible source had surfaced. We did not have time in our schedule that day but we made time and got to say goodbye..all because of a rumor! ..Now if only the Mickey they are replacing it with was actually Mickey Mouse instead of that weird anime-esk rat…but that’s a store for another time !

  91. While I do like Toy Story Land and Think Galaxy’s Edge is a Universal Studios wanna be I agree with The current Disney’s loss of imagination. Family values and wholesome virtue was what Walt portrayed. He may not have been this man at all times but he captured this feeling and sold it. The current CEO is losing a huge audience as he turns these values into a political wasteland. I appreciate your honesty and enthusiasm. You struck a nerve that goes deeper than just the change of an attraction. You challenged a world view that destroys family and the wholesome environment it provides.

  92. I know I am late to this story but I just wanted to say thank you for everyone at Wdwnt all your work and dedication. I will never understand when it became ok to attack a business or person because you don’t like what they have to say when you can just turn it off or stop reading it. This reminds me of a line from the Howard stern movie. “People who like him listen for 2 hours a day and people who don’t like him listen for 2 hours a day”. If you don’t like the site please just go away go read another blog who plays it safe. I have seen Tom a few times parks over the years and he has always been nice and would talk or answer a question. From a fan who appreciates another fans commitment and love for this product thank you and you will always have my support.

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